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Pass Plus Driving Lessons in Blackburn and Surrounding Areas

If you're looking to become a more confident and skilled driver in Blackburn, Darwen, Accrington, Rishton, and the surrounding areas, Acorn School of Motoring is here to help. We offer comprehensive Pass Plus driving lessons designed to take your driving skills to the next level.

What is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is a government-backed training scheme aimed at new drivers. It provides additional driving experience and knowledge to help new drivers become more confident and safer on the road. The course covers various aspects, including:

Driving in All Weather Conditions: We'll teach you how to handle your vehicle safely in adverse weather, including rain, snow, and fog.

Night Driving: Learn the nuances of driving after dark, including managing glare, visibility, and the challenges posed by nighttime traffic.

Rural and Urban Roads: Gain experience in driving on both rural and urban roads, including handling complex junctions, pedestrian crossings, and roundabouts.
Dual Carriageways: Master the skills needed for safe and efficient driving on dual carriageways.
Motorway Driving: Get valuable experience on motorways, focusing on lane discipline, merging, and long-distance driving.

Why Choose Acorn School of Motoring?

Acorn School of Motoring is your trusted partner in the journey to becoming a skilled and responsible driver. We offer Pass Plus driving lessons tailored to your specific needs and the road conditions in Blackburn and the surrounding areas. Here's why you should choose us:

Experienced Instructors: Our instructors are highly experienced and certified to provide the best driving education.
Flexible Scheduling: We understand your busy schedule, so we offer flexible lesson times to accommodate your needs.
Competitive Rates: We provide quality instruction at competitive rates.
Safe and Comfortable Cars: Learn to drive in modern, well-maintained vehicles equipped with the latest safety features.
Completing a Pass Plus course can not only make you a safer driver but may also lead to insurance discounts with some providers. Acorn School of Motoring is your reliable partner in helping you achieve this.

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Don't miss this opportunity to become a more confident and skilled driver in Blackburn, Darwen, Accrington, Rishton, and the surrounding areas. Acorn School of Motoring is here to support your journey towards safer and more responsible driving.


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